microscopes.kernels.gibbs.assign(entity_based_state_object s, rng r)
microscopes.kernels.gibbs.assign_resample(entity_based_state_object s, int m, rng r)
microscopes.kernels.gibbs.hp(entity_based_state_object s, dict params, rng r)
microscopes.kernels.gibbs.perftest(entity_based_state_object s, rng r)


microscopes.kernels.slice.hp(entity_based_state_object s, rng r, cparam={}, hparams={})

example invocation:

hparams = {
0 : {
(‘alpha’, ‘beta’) : (log_noninformative_beta_prior, 0.1),


1 : {
‘alphas[0]’ : (log_exponential(1), 0.1), ‘alphas[1]’ : (log_exponential(1), 0.1),


} hp(s, None, hparams, r)

microscopes.kernels.slice.sample(scalar_function func, float x0, float w, rng r)
microscopes.kernels.slice.theta(entity_based_state_object s, rng r, tparams={}), pdf, condpdf, condsamp)
Datamicroscopes is developed by Qadium, with funding from the DARPA XDATA program. Copyright Qadium 2015.